Join the CFDD Kansas City Chapter

Download and complete the membership application; email to Nancy Watson-Pistole CCE ICCE. 

What is CFDD?

CFDD is the Credit & Financial Development Division of the National Association of Credit Management. As a member of NACM, you are eligible to join a local CFDD chapter.

A CFDD Chapter is a group of credit professionals organized with a focus on education, networking and professional support for employees of member firms of the National Association of Credit Management. Membership enhances professional status while promoting attainment of educational goals, business contacts, networking opportunities and leadership development.

Membership in CFDD is open to individuals primarily engaged in fields related to credit, collections or financial work for a company or entity which holds membership in any NACM Affiliated Association. Individuals can join one of the chapters across the country or through direct membership for those who are in an area with no chapter close by.


CFDD and NACM engage our members in national and local educational and networking events, providing a support system for credit and finance professionals. You will meet and get to know some of the most valuable resources in the industry: other credit people like you.

Personal and Career Development
Whether you become a member through the generosity and support of your employer or you pay yourself, CFDD membership provides you with an exceptional return on your investment. Those returns will come to you in many forms—including increased knowledge in your field through attendance at chapter meetings, opportunities to earn scholarships and valuable networking benefits.

CFDD Kansas City annual membership dues are $105. All members in good standing are eligible for more than $500.00 per year in scholarships for conferences, classes, certification testing fees, etc.

National Association Resources
As a member of NACM-CFDD you will have full access to all of NACM’s highly valuable resources. NACM Affiliates provide a full range of services, from third party collections, credit reports, and credit application processing to final demand notices and industry groups.

“Membership in CFDD is an investment in yourself! It provides a pathway for you to reach your educational goals and professional success.”

Download and complete the membership application and email to