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June 10, 2020   |   12 pm   |   Dealing With Stress During a Pandemic


Stop the world – I want to get off. That’s how many people feel living the COVID life. The reality is you can’t get off, heck for the longest time you couldn’t even leave your house. The questions we’re all asking include how to deal with the dramatic changes, how to adjust to new daily rhythms, and will life ever be the same?


Change and dealing with the unknown causes stress. If you’re feeling unsure or unequipped with how to respond, you’re not alone. In “Dealing With Stress During a Pandemic”, you’ll:

  • Share with others how life has changed for you
  • Discuss new awareness and insights you have developed
  • Identify which stress reducing strategies work best for you
  • Answer 3 key questions to strengthen your relationships

Stay till the end and you’ll receive an article on Mental Toughness and a self-assessment titled “Your Resilience Profile.”


Our session is led by Tom Schreiber, Certified Coach, Facilitator and Consultant. Tom presented Developing Emotional Intelligence at one of our 2019 dinner events and we’re excited to have him lead this session. You can learn more about Tom at www.tomschreiber.net.


Contact Nancy Watson-Pistole at nancy.watsonpistole@gmail.com for more information to participate in this webinar.

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