September 20, 2023

The Promise and Perils of Artificial Intelligence

Michelle Frost, Senior Developer/AI Specialist at Crema


Networking at 5:30pm, dinner and program starting at 6:00pm at
Bluescope Steel, 1540 Genessee, Kansas City, MO.

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CFDD Member – $25  |  Non-member – $35

In this session, we will journey through AI’s transformative arc, tracing its history while demystifying the key technologies behind today’s applications, such as the various forms of machine learning. We will spotlight AI’s promise in sectors like healthcare while directly addressing pressing ethical considerations like data bias, privacy, and the need for governance. Designed to offer a nuanced perspective, this session aims to empower attendees with the insights needed to engage with AI responsibly and contribute to informed decision-making as the field becomes more entwined with our everyday lives. Michelle Frost is a Senior Developer and AI Specialist at Crema, a design and technology consultancy based in Kansas City, MO. She has a deep passion for AI and ML and is a dedicated advocate for ethics in the field. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (May ’24) from Johns Hopkins University. When not behind the screen, Michelle can be found tending to her garden with her 100 lb. pup Wilbur by her side.

Register for Michelle’s session early – limited seating available in the conference room. Dinner included.

2023 National Conference

Looking forward to seeing everyone at this educational event.